Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine: Beginner guitar tabs, How to play guitar, beginner guitar tablature

Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine

Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine | Beginner guitar tabs, how to play guitar, hold it, strum, and play all sorts of good stuff.

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Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine is an on-line tutorial for learning the basics of the guitar. We will touch on many basics for the guitar, just as if you had a real teacher in the room with you , and completely free-of-charge to you.

Music Theory Course:

Yuck! Music theory you say? I don't want anything to do with that! Take it easy. I will keep it simple in very small bites, so you can absorb and understand why we do the thing we do in music.

Wonder why guitar chords are formed the way that they are? If you understand, you will retain the information better and be able to form your own chords all by yourself. I will explain it in easy-to-understand language in the Music Theory Guitar Lesson OnLine Lesson.

Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine - Music Notation:

In our Beginner Guitar Lesson Online, we will cover things like the basics of Reading Notation (note on paper), where notes are on the fingerboard and how they relate to the music staff (the lines that the notes are printed on) - ok maybe we will need to cover definitions too? To get of all those terms straight.

Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine - Guitar Chords:

I will walk you through the basic guitar chords, how to pick and Strum Them, how to play then progressively up the neck (Progressions) and how they are laid out or formed.

Also, in this beginner guitar lesson online, we will cover the Theory on How Chords Are Formed. Hate to do it, but it is essential that you know this.

Check Out Our Free Ultimate Guitar Chords!

Download this PDF or simply view them on-screen. Each of 12 keys are displayed in easy to navigate tabs. This will likely be all the guitar chords you will ever need - all in one place and yours free to use. Check out our Free Ultimate Guitar Chords Page.

Want to know what not we alter to make a C chord into a Cm chord. In Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine, we will go over that and so much more.

We will also cover groupings of chords, what chords typically go together, why they do, and how to transpose chords (change chords into a different key).

I will show you how chords are tied to certain keys almost like they have a magnetic personality and how to change chords on the fly for quick chord changes.

We will also cover closed position chords (chords with no open strings) and open chords (chords with open strings included). By the way an "open string" is a string we play without and fingers on the fingerboard. The guitar has (6) open strings E, A, D, G, B and E (from low to high).

We will get into a lot more detail of this in the actual Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine.

Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine - Guitar Essentials:

I call these essentials because if you do them incorrectly, it will take you a lot longer to become proficient on the guitar and if you learn how to do something incorrectly and later realize it, it becomes much harder to retrain yourself. Lets do it right - right out of the box.

Doing something correctly may seem the hardest way when you first attempt it, but in the long run I will save you a great deal of time and effort.

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What are some of the subjects of Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine? Some are very basic like:

  • How to hold your right hand and the flatpick for flatpicking guitar. Also how to hold the guitar.
  • How to play efficiently with your left hand on the fingerboard. Less wasted motion = faster and easier playing.
  • How to strum a guitar.
  • How to mute strings
  • How to play Harmonics
  • How to play 3rd's
  • How to play 5th's
  • How to play triads
  • How to play rhythm guitar
  • How to play chord progressions
  • How to play lead guitar
  • How to read Guitar Tab
  • How to put on a guitar strap
  • How to practice efficiently and retain the most information.
  • Free Ultimate Guitar Chords
  • And a lot more! Wow there are weeks and weeks of lessons for beginners here alone. Wait till we get to the intermediate stuff
  • So are you expecting me to take the place of a real teacher? (Hey wait a minute, I'm real)! No, I don't expect that. But I will teach you a lot that you can get well on your way to an exciting hobby or profession. Nothing can take the place of a real teaching situation because of the interactivity that you experience.

    Look at me as your conscience your guide and hopefully your mentor. We will try to give you more interaction on our discussion board, where you can ask the Ultimate Guitar Teacher Guy (that's me), any question and I'll do my best to answer it. If I can't I'll find out for you.

    So, shall we get started with Beginner Guitar Lesson OnLine? Just pick the lesson plans on the right side of this page. It is best to study them in order as they do build on each other. Good Luck and let's play some music together!

    Guitar Instruction - Additional Guitar Lessens You May Be Interested In:

    Think you have this beginner guitar lesson think conquered? Then you may be ready for some more serious instructional materials. Guess What? We have that - just select a more advanced lesson from below for all of those flatpicker out there.

    Additional Classical and fingerstyle will be coming shortly.....

    Just select from the drop down menu to go to the selected article.

    Great Guitar Lessons - Fingerstyle Techniques

    Great Guitar Lessons - Fingerstyle Techniques

    By Martin Simpson, Muriel Anderson, Laurence Juber, Alex de Grassi. This edition: VDGRFFP02. Homespun Tapes (Instructional). Video cassette. Published by Homespun Video.

    Essential Guitar Pure Theory: Harmony & Theory Advanced

    Essential Guitar Pure Theory: Harmony & Theory Advanced

    By Danny Gill. By Danny Gill. For Guitar (Electric). Theory. Rock. Level: Advanced. DVD. Published by Lick Library. 

    Here is a great guitar theory book for the electric guitar. Very thorough and easy to understand.

    21st Century Guitar Theory 1

    21st Century Guitar Theory 1

    By Sandy Feldstein, Aaron Stang. For Guitar. Guitar Method or Supplement. Warner Bros. Publications 21st Century Guitar Course. Level: Level 1. Book. 32 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing.

    Here is a guitar theory series that is simplified and easy to follow.

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