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Angeline The Baker - Beginner Flatpick Guitar Tab PartA

Angeline the Baker- Beginner Tab - First Lesson for this song which will give you an beginner level flatpicking break.

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Angeline the Baker - Beginner Tab PartA:

In this lesson on Flatpicking Guitar you will learn to play the Part A portion of the guitar break for Angeline the Baker.

This is not quite as popular a song as some of the others on our site, but it is non-the-less a great sounding tune.

Usually this song is played a bit more leisurely than the maddening fast-pace flatpicking tunes you are accustomed to in bluegrass music. There are however, some artists that still play this at a lively pace of about 220 to 230 bpm.

What I like about this version of the song is that it is played with a capo on the 4th fret. This allows the guitarist to play many more ornamental notes in this piece, which we will get into in the intermediate and or advanced versions of the song, coming up shortly.

Angeline the Baker - Tips On This Break:

The first thing for you beginners to look for is in the first measure. There is a dotted quarter note, followed by an eighth note. Be sure to give the dotted quarter note 1-1/2 beats and the eighth note that follows 1/2 of a beat.

In the fourth measure of this break you will note that there are (2) grace note, hammer-ons played in succession - plus they are double-stops (2 notes played at one time).

Start these out by playing the double stop of the C note on the second string, played with the LH first finger, combined with the open 3rd string or G.

After you play this double stop, immediately hammer-on the A note with the LH 2nd finger. Repeat and keep the timing correct. The first hammer-on is one beat in length, but the second one is 3 beats. Be sure to keep the notes ringing for the total of 3 beats.

Next there is just a touch of syncopation in the beginning of the 8th measure, so work on that technique to give some interest at that point.

The next challenging part of this break is the long eighth note passage that starts in the 5th measure and continues through the 7th measure.

Be sure to get your done and up strokes of the pick correct here - that is most important. To guide you through this note that they are all documented at the bottom of the TAB score.

This is a great song to know and even this beginner level version sounds great played up-to-speed and you can impress a lot of people playing it just as transcribed. Our next lesson will address the PartB version and then on to the intermediate breaks, which are really a lot of fun.

Guitar Pro 5

Angeline the Baker - Beginner Tab PartA:
Done Gone Intermediate Tab PartA

If you would like the Guitar Pro File for this break, which is very faithful to the song and will allow you to make your own unique break, play along with this break, and give you the speed training option, you can load it here: Angeline the Baker Beginner Tab PartA Guitar Pro File.

If you would like to download the full PDF document for, click on this link to download it right to your computer. Angeline the Baker Beginner Tab PartA PDF.