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Alvarez Yairi CYM95 Classical Guitar - Review

Alvarez Yairi CYM95 | Specifications, pricing and rating information on this fine classical guitar

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Model: Alvarez Yairi CYM95 Classical Guitar

No. Strings: 6
Manufactured: Japan
Body Type: Standard Classical Body
Top Material: Solid Cedar
Back & Sides: Solid Indian Rosewood
Neck Material: Mahogany
Fretboard: Ebony - Solid
Scale Length: 650mm
Total #Frets: 19 Silver Plated
Nut Width: 51mm (2")
Finish: Lacquer
Bridge: East Indian Rosewood - Solid
Bracing: Standard Fan
Purfling: Maple and Indian Rosewood
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Tuners: Gold Plated

Alvarez Yairi CYM95 - List Price: $2,399.00
Warranty: See Vendor

Ramirez 4e Alvarez Yairi CYM95 Classical Guitar

Alvarez Yairi acoustic guitars are made in an old-fashioned workshop, hidden in the still beauty of the Japanese mountains in the village of Gifu — far from the computerized factories of high-volume guitar manufacturers.

In fact, when other guitar companies were building even larger factories, Kazuo Yairi, was buying wood. When other makers moved to simpler techniques, Yairi remained resolute in honoring the slower, classic construction methods like the labor intensive dovetail neck joint and hand shaped bracing.

It is the fruit of these time-honored techniques that create the exquisite instruments that are rare treasures to hold and to hear, with the Alvarez Yairi hallmark of sweetness and balance that is world renowned as “the Yairi sound.“

Alvarez Yairi guitars are offered in a select variety of standard body shapes, sizes and finish details. Each guitar is a one-of-a-kind work of art, with its own unique tone and cosmetic qualities. In fact, every Yairi is as individual as you are.

Alvarez Yairi CYM95 List Price:$2,399.00

Alvarez Yairi CYM95 Classical Guitar
    Solid Cedar soundboard
    Solid Rosewood back and sides
    Mahogany neck
    Ebony fingerboard
    Gold Plated tuners
    Fan bracing
    Glossy lacquer finish
    Rose inlay in the rosette and on top of the bridge
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Features: 8.0

The Alvarez Yairi CYM95 Classical Guitar displays quality from the minute you open the case to the last string of notes you play on this wonderful instrument.

The guitar is very lightweight and has a powerful sound, in typical concert classical guitar fashion. If you are an intermediate to advanced student or a seasoned professional, you will love the quality that this instrument possesses.

The lows that the Alvarez Yairi CYM95 puts out are exhilarating and the highs are crystal clear and clean, all qualities that an advanced classical musician is looking for.

Sound Production: 9.0

The Alvarez Yairi CYM95 has a bright rich sound, with very good projection. Base and treble sound balanced. Nice attack and sustain and has the classic bell-like tone.

The Alvarez Yairi CYM95 is LOUD and is of auditorium quality. I absolutely love the punch that this guitar has.

Intonation is perfect all the way up and down the neck. Alvarez has done their homework on this one.

Action/Fit & Finish: 9.0

As always with any Alvarez, the craftsmanship of the Alvarez Yairi CYM95 is obviously perfect throughout. The wood used is of the highest quality and beauty. All the woods are perfectly book-matched, as you would expect from an instrument in this price range.

The action of the strings is perfect for my style of playing. Basses can be played with force and you receive no string buzzing at all. The treble strings ring clear and true too and there was no perceived buzzing on the high end of the instruments range either.

Interested in how to do adjust your action yourself? visit our sections on Guitar Nut Adjustment, Guitar Saddle Adjustment and Adjusting your Guitar Action for a lot of detailed information on this and many other do-it-yourself repair jobs in our Minor Guitar Repair and Major Guitar Repair sections of the web site.

Durability: 8.5

All classical guitars are quite fragile and should not be abused, but this guitar is made in a shop that is free of humidity and that will help guard against cracks due to poor humidity control. With this as well as any quality guitar, insure that humidity is kept as constant as possible with humidifiers in the winter and de-humidifiers in the summer. 

With the solid wood construction, solid ebony fingerboard, quality bracing and carefully controlled shop conditions, you should have no troubles with the Alvarez Yairi CYM95 classical guitar. Given the quality hardshell case, this guitar should give you years of trouble-free service unless exposed to severe dry or wet conditions.

Customer Service: 10.0

Alvarez is a quality luthier and stands behind any defects in their instruments. They also have a large network of distributors and they stand behind their products. If no abuse is involved, your guitar will be repaired without any question. Also all vendors listed herewith will give you an additional warranty on these fine instruments.

Overall Score: 8.9

This Alvarez Yairi CYM95 handmade classical acoustic guitar features a fabulous sounding classical body style with an antique solid Cedar top and solid Indian Rosewood back and solid sides as well for the ultimate in room-filling tone.

This Alvarez Yairi CYM95 Masterworks classical guitar also features 25.5" scale length Mahogany neck, 2" nut width, transverse bracing, Rosewood bridge and headstock overlay, a great natural tinted gloss finish, elegant tortoise shell multi-layer body bindings, an Ebony Fingerboard, wood vine design mosaic soundhole inlay, gold tone tuning machines and an excellent Yairi lifetime warranty.