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Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons | These free guitar lessons, featuring guitar instruction with our own guitar pro software and guitar tab.

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons:

The acoustic guitar is one of the most versatile guitars ever made. You can play almost any music on it and it sounds great. You can use it to play accompaniment or lead or anything in between.

Acoustics are used for country, bluegrass, rock, soft rock, blues, jazz and many other sub-genres. Many of the tips and techniques in these Acoustic Guitar Lessons will apply to you no matter what style of music you play. Put your music passion to work and dig in with these Acoustic Guitar Lessons.


With these free guitar lessons, we will start with some basics such as How to Hold the Guitar with both your right hand and left hand (which is quite a bit different than holding a classical guitar or an electric guitar).

Then you will learn how to play efficiently, which when strictly followed, will make you a fast and accurate guitar player. These 2 items are often overlooking in their importance by many guitarists or instructor for that matter.

Check them out in our section in Acoustic Guitar Lessons on How to Play the Guitar Efficiently.

How to Hold a Flatpick and How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar:

Additional items that will be covered in Acoustic Guitar Lessons are, How to Hold a Flatpick with your right hand and the basics of Fingerstyle Guitar.

We will show you haw to pick a note and how to play chords for accompaniment here as well. Check out the section on Guitar Instruction How to Strum a Chord.

Look for sections on playing hammer-ons, pull-offs, slurs, string bends, multiple hammer-ons and pull-offs in the Guitar Ornamentation sections.

One of the hardest things for a flatpick guitarist to master early in their carrier is the art of crosspicking. We will devote an entire article in our Acoustic Guitar Lessons to crosspicking in Guitar Instruction Crosspicking.

Natural and Artificial Harmonics:

If you want to learn how to play harmonics on the guitar, be sure to check out the sections on Guitar Harmonics and Artificial Harmonics for the tips and techniques used to play these great-sounding notes professionally.

If you want to learn about chords, chord theory and notation theory, check our Beginner Guitar Lessons Series of our website on Chord Theory and Notation Theory as well as Chord Progressions.

This will surely make you a better more well-rounded musician. If you are having trouble with the very basics of the guitar, such as How to Pick a Note, or How to Strum or even How to Put on a Guitar Strap, we have you covered on those fronts in our Acoustic Guitar Lessons lesson materials.

Flatpicking Guitar Lessons:

This is one of our newer section of the site. This series of lessons is dedicated to teaching you the fine art of Flatpicking Guitar.

I will take many of the songs tabbed out on this site and roll up my sleeves to give you intense lessons with my exclusive Tab Notes guitar instruction.

It will be just like having a guitar instructor sitting next to you marking up your lesson materials for this week's lesson. Check out the Flatpicking Guitar Lessons Page for a lot of lesson materials and more in-depth information.


If you are interested in not only our Hot Guitar Licks, you may want to check out the new Ultimate Guitar Tab Book (Above), now on sale at our shopping cart. It's only $15.99 for 12 very detailed tab songs. Read more about it on our Ultimate Guitar Tab Book page.

Get 74 pages of detailed lesson material for less than the price of a 1/2 hour private guitar lesson.

Guitar Licks: Some Great Guitar Instruction Here

Often times guitar players have a whole basket full of what we call Guitar Licks. What are these? Well, they can be kick-offs for a song that will provide the lead-in for all the musicians to start playing, they can be transitional passages between either chords or verses or they can be plain and fancy endings.

Usually they provide some "sparkle" to your playing as they can "show-off" what you can do and they showcase your talent. We will provide several sections of these little licks.

Memorize them, master them and use them in any situations you can imagine. Check them out in our section Guitar Instruction - Advanced Runs. We will constantly be adding to this section to add licks to your repertoire.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs:

Then the granddaddy of them all is finally learning to play the tunes. These will be covered in our Ultimate Guitar Tab section. You can access that HERE or from the Main Menu on the left.

We will be listing many flatpicking songs here such as fiddle tunes and old standards. Want to do a little parking-lot picking or pick in the park with some of your buddies? Don't miss out on this section.

We will give you all the tab, notation, rhythm chords and instruction to play the difficult passages. We will offer them in 3 different levels of experience:

    Beginners: This will be the song at its basic level. If will be arranged by us to focus on getting you off to a good start.
    Intermediate: This will be a couple of notches above beginners level and will give you a good solid arrangement of the song that is very fill and contain some ornamentation throughout the piece.

    Advanced: This will be an arrangement of the piece that is semi-pro to pro and will include a lot of ornamentation, fast picking passages and notes in the upper positions with chord phrasing as well.

Be sure to check them all out in the Ultimate Guitar Tabs section. We will offer all tabs in Guitar Pro software Here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine, that is all we use for notation, tab, midi and chord generation software and we recommend it highly. Click HERE to get a free trial version for either Mac or PC. Also visit our review of it HERE.

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